Anti-theft Security Tagging Systems


In many department stores, there are invisible security systems that are installed and made use for the protection against theft and negligence of some customers and staff because most traditional security systems are expensive and have been proven to be ineffective at times. Have you experienced going out of a department store with alarms ringing and the security rushes to you like you have done something wrong and they are into your things looking for something. These are radio frequency identification tags that have been caught by receivers placed in conspicuous areas of the area to catch thieves and some people who have neglected to pay the items that they carry outside of the store. These radio frequency identification tags or RFID are placed in the items and they are supposed to be extracted upon payment of the items bought and deactivated at the counter. Here’s a good read about cctv systems, check it out! How this radio frequency identification does tags work? Radio as we have known transmit invisible energy to space to be received by a receiver a thousand miles away through air vibration and magnetism. This concept have been adopted by commercial establishments to be able to keep tract of the different items in their store and prevent somebody from taking away several valuables without paying them. Radio frequency identification tags emits a certain radio wave that will only be detected once you pass through the receivers in the exit of a department store. To gather more awesome ideas on price labels, click here to get started.

When the transmitter located in every item passes through the receiver, the receiver will detect the transmitter and trigger an alarm which means that someone was not able to remove the radio frequency tags from the items and the radio waves were detected by the receivers. Transmitters may vary in sizes and types and these RFID tags maybe concealed in all items even books, CDs and many other forms that may look harmless to buyers to very effective when thieves go to work. There are major differences between a simple Radio frequency tag and a radio frequency identification tag because the former when activated only tells the security that something is present but the radio frequency identification tag tells the security the specific item to be looked for. Radio frequency identification tags transmit complex radio frequencies and identifies the item they are attached to. Radio frequency identification tags have a computer attached to the scanner that will do the rest of the complex processes like updating the main database have better distance of detection. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

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